Movement Industries Corp bringing together key strategic equipment supply, technology and service companies that span the oil, gas energy, industrial, agriculture, medical and utility sectors.

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We Connect It All

With the strategic focus on shifting between sectors in
a fluid and dynamic behavior to capitalize on sectors
in growth while minimizing risk and exposure during
sector down-turns.

Taking the past models of horizontal and vertically integrated companies and amalgamating them, we form a matrix organization allowing each individual business unit to capitalize on the opportunities of the other.

Movement Industries Corp currently operates in North America, South America and is expanding globally with new ventures into Africa and market studies into the European and Asian markets.

The Movement Mission

Our mission is to empower every individual and industry to advance humanity through innovation.

Movement Industries Corp believes that intellectual capital is critical to creating and maintaining a lasting firm with a driven focus on positive economic impact to our shareholders and community.

We have built an executive team consisting of the most talented professionals in our industry. People are our most valuable asset.