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MVMNT successfully moves engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction, and maintenance services to Clients locally and globally. Our comprehensive solutions span the entire project life cycle and deliver capital efficiency.


Movement utiliizes a full array of skills and services to support the industrial sector with our custom Engineering capabilities to our expansive machining, fabrication and CNC shop capabilities.


We provide a range of services including CNC Machining, Waterjet, Plasma, Laser Cutting, Welding and Fabrication.


Our Engineered Solutions are designed to meet every aspect of our clients specification and datasheet



We have designed and supplied equipment for both onshore and offshore operations through each stage of the sector tailored to our customers specifications.


The Exploration & Production better known as the Upstream industry covers the identifying of natural gas and petroleum deposits and extract said resources


The Midstream sector process, stores, markets and transports the multiple raw commodities extracted from the ground such as natural gas, NGLs and crude.


The Downstream sector is made up of oil refineries, natural gas processing, cryogenic air separation, distributors and retail outlets.


The Petrochem sector takes the refined products from the downstream sector and further processes them into olefins and aromatics.


Movement Industries has been working with major North American and South American Utilities to help support this new push and provide clean electricity, water and gas to end users, businesses and homes from both our product side and our service side.


This sector supplies the backbone of energy to business and homes through large combined cycle power plants, coal and alternate energy sources.


The Gas sector supplies the much needed delivery of natural gas and propane to end users.


Water being the crucial component to life, this sector delivers not only drinking water for residential homes but also supplies water to industrial and commercial facilities.


The next frontier of technology is building an end-to-end data acquisition system fully integrated with an analytics engine on a secure flexible and elastic architecture to harvest, ingest and mine the data for smart decision making based on data.


The Software sector is crucial as the driving component behind all hardware and communications.


The Hardware sector comprises technology hardware, storage & peripherals, electronic equipment & instruments, and electronic components sub-industries.


The IoT sector is enabled by technologies such as WiFi, 5G telecommunications infrastructure, and fiber optics.


Agricultural machinery, farm machinery, and their related parts. Includes machinery used for the production of crops and agricultural livestock, agricultural tractors, planting and fertilizing machinery, fertilizer and chemical application equipment, and grain dryers and blowers.


The Agriculture Equipment sector is focused on providing solutions to help farmers increase the productivity through mechanical means.


The Process sector provides solutions to help drive the efficiency of raw materials into final products.


Health care consists of medical supply companies, pharmaceutical companies, and scientific-based operations or services that aim to improve the human body or mind.


The MVMNT Breasy O2, a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) device, helps Covid-19 patients with lung infections to breathe more easily, when an oxygen mask alone is insufficient.

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